Drug Rehab Centers Such as the Holistic Sanctuary

Drug rehab centers are all over the United States. Many people visit such centers to get help from the drug addictions that are taking over their lives. One center, in particular, is called the holistic sanctuary. This center is different than other rehab centers because of their approach. They believe in repairing the brain to its original state, as in before the drug dependency. They do this in a natural and organic way, without the use of harmful medications. Below is more information on the center and their success rate.

As stated above, the center does not believe in prescribed medications. Instead, they use powerful medicinal plants to help their patients detox. The two main plants used are Ibogaine and Ayahuasca. The center focuses on a holistic and natural approach to help those that have addictions, PTSD, trauma, depression and other issues. This is done by putting a large focus on the brain and to get it back in to a state before the addiction occurred. Only then, will the person be permanently cured of their addiction or any other they have. The center’s methods work well, with a 90% success rate.

The center’s methods include learning the cause of the addictions and resolving it. Then, detoxifying the body in a natural and safe way is an important step. Neurogenesis is used to heal the brain to what it was like before the addiction. Finally, neuroplasticity is used to program your brain to different thoughts and lifestyle changes that are healthy and attainable. As stated above, this is all done without the use of prescribed medications that are known to have harmful side effects. The center sets themselves apart from other rehab centers in the fact that they do not use such medications.

Drug addictions, depression and other issues can ruin a person’s life. Getting help is the key in getting back everything that person has lost. Getting healthy is the first step. Once that is accomplished, everything else will follow. Call the center to learn more about their program and to see the different ways they have helped people get rid of their addiction.