It’s never too late to Update

Finding the components for your computer can be a real game changer.  We rely on our electronics for so much, it’s crucial to keep them in top shape.  From school reports, notes and research to business and home entertainment, when something goes wrong with a laptop or other device, it’s like a member of the family is injured.  That’s how I felt when my system crashed.  What you don’t want at a time like this is the sticker shock that comes with searching for new or refurbished equipment.  Electronic equipment can be really pricey and when you’re a consumer and not a trained geek, you worry that you’ll be taken advantage of.  That is unless you shop a store like Newegg.  There you will find quality electronics including all the routers, keyboards, sub woofers, speakers and other parts and accessories you’ll ever need.  Newegg has a special way of dealing with prices, they stock their parts high to keep prices low.  And they never skimp on the quality of the products they sell.  They offer Black Friday prices all year long and Year End Sales all year.

 Newegg has a huge selection of refurbished electronics that are guaranteed to work like new.  You can find everything from routers to an Acer Chromebook Celeron 2 GB Memory 16 flash SSD for just $129.99.  That’s 57% off.  And you can use Groupon codes to unlock savings on other exclusive deals and specials.  Prices are hot for their refurbished Dell Optiplex 790 Ultra Small Form Factor which costs only $145.00.

When I heard about all the deals Groupon offers for Newegg, I quickly perused the site and found out Newegg is tech driven, stocks the latest technology for components and networking, monitors and peripherals and more.  And by going through the Groupon site, I found coupons that saved me a lot of money on the items I bought, and I got free shipping.  They stock computer parts, laptop components, and audio equipment for the novice and the pros to choose from.  Now all I have to do is wait for my order to arrive.  I’m not a geek, but my son speaks it fluently, so after I get my new equipment installed, I’ll be back to designing my custom note cards in no time.