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Maintaining a Golf Course. Golf courses require daily maintenance and care to help ensure they look their best and live up to the members standards. Being a greenkeeper can be a hard but rewarding job. They have to deal with ever changing conditions from weather and irrigation to pests, changing seasons, high waters, club members and grass problems. The number of greenkeepers can vary based on the size and wealth of the golf course. Large golf courses might have greenkeepers, supervisors, assistants and a variety of other employees to help maintain pristine conditions. Greenkeepers go through a number of professional qualifications and the more training and experience they have the better the golf course they will maintain. Mowing and green maintenance is one of the main issues that face a groundkeeper on a daily basis. One of the most important parts of a greenkeepers job are caring for the green. Greens are controlled between 3mm and 5mm on a daily basis. Greenkeepers use specialized mowers for cutting the greens. They even use hand pushed mowers when conditions aren’t pristine.
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Other important factors in making a great golf course are the tee boxes, fairways and hazard areas. These areas are usually cut with a standard riding mower. Fairways can be cut using a 5 gang method to help greenkeepers save time. The fairways are usually kept between 12mm and 18mm. They mow these areas about 3 times per week.
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The rough is mowed about once a week as it is usually kept longer. Mowing the rough can be cut in ever increasing lengths the further out you get. A rotary mower would be used for this type of work. Once the mowing is under control there are only a few other jobs the greenkeepers perform. On average they change the holes and pin positions about twice a week. This helps ensure that greens don’t have uneven wear and tear. It can also provide new challenges for regular golfers. All greens have tough hole positions. Bunker raking and edging is just as important as everything else. It is good etiquette for golfers to rake bunkers but they still need to be well groomed. They use a three wheeled machine known as a bunker rake for this sort of task. They use hand tools for edging the bunkers and sides of the greens. This article has covered a few of the basic aspects of greenkeeping. Of course there are a large number of other jobs that are performed by the greenkeeper. A few of the other jobs might include seeding and maintaining the cart paths. Of course if you’d like to know more about greenkeeping you can always visit your local golf course.